Woo hoo! It was exciting to see clouds, fog and snow last week! The cold air felt good and had me all bundled up in the garden. I was waffling on Saturday afternoon as it snowed.... transplant greens or wait. Transplant or wait? I was anxious to plant and went for it. So the first round of spring kale, bok choy, mustards and more are in the ground! Oooo oooo oooo. Here we go! 

The garden is coming together... spinach and salad greens are up and the carrots, beets and turnips should follow in the coming days. We chopped up the rye and peas that grew in the greenhouse beds all winter and tilled everything in to feed the soil. So those beds are prepped and ready for tomatoes and peppers in a couple weeks.  I may have seeded tomatoes a bit early (per usual), as they're HUGE and ready to go in the ground today. Lets hope they can wait a week or two?!  

The onions, leeks and shallots that we seeded back in February are starting to bulk up and are looking great. They're almost ready to move outside... Almost. 

The sweet honeybees are busy as always and weather depending we plan to open up the hives this week to see what they're up to and harvest some overwintered honey. Hmm, I'm curious to see if they send off a swarm this season... 

More updates and photos coming soon!

Have a lovely week!