Rain and Snow!!

Happy to report May has brought quite the line up of spring storms that have delivered a decent amount of rain and snow in the gardens and the beautiful mountains surrounding us. Wahoo!!! Large, fatty flakes are falling from the sky at this very moment. The moisture feels AMAZING and I think the garden is in agreement as so many things have greened up over the past couple weeks.

Planting frenzy is in full swing here! Well, it's actually postponed a bit as this farmer has a cold! Grrr. So it should be in full swing but it's snowing and I'm coughing... so we're getting a little behind schedule. Hopefully we'll be back to transplanting and seeding in the coming days. 

The first round of tomatoes went into the greenhouses about 10 days ago, they're adjusting and starting to grow like wild in their new space. I noticed yesterday that a family of red ants has decided to relocate to one of the tomato beds and I need to find a clever way to help them change their mind and move elsewhere. Any ideas?! The next planting may go in this weekend... 

Leeks, shallots and scallions have all been transplanted outside and are getting snowed in... onions are up next! 

Last fall we planted a couple beds in a rye, vetch and pea mix and they grew beautifully and are ready to be chopped and turned into the soil. Here are some  nitrogen fixing vetch roots! Oooo ooo ooo! Magic. 

We have been busy building new beds and a small caterpillar tunnel, pulling greens out of the hoophouse, repotting peppers and eggplant, transplanting... etc. First CSA Harvest is only 2 1/2 weeks away! Wowza. I'm excited and I hope you are too! 

More updates and photos to follow soon... Stay warm and have a beautiful weekend!!