CSA Harvest - Week #17

Good morning! 

Wow. Where did September go? I feel like Labor Day Weekend just happened... Mmmm, savor these last few days of September, the perfect weather and those incredible colors. I'm excited to see how much the trees have changed since I drove up last week... 

It has been nonstop harvest around here. The end of last week was cold and wet and very windy. We received a lot of rain Thursday night and Friday morning, which made everything around here pretty muddy. We had planned a big potato harvest for Sunday but after that storm the soil was too wet so we harvested turnips and carrots instead. 

The soil is still a little damp but we were able to pull more potatoes out of the ground yesterday and they'll be in your CSA Shares today. Woohoo! 

And... I should let you all know that at our farm, tomato season is over. The evenings have been getting cold, the plants were tired and about out of fruit so I decided to pull them over the weekend. Make way for December greens! By Sunday afternoon we had 5 of the 7 beds cleared, tilled and reseeded with greens. Salad, spinach, kale and mustard greens are all seeded and will be up in no time. These should be ready to harvest and be in the Fall CSA Shares by Thanksgiving... 

While we are harvesting we are analyzing and discussing how we can make things more efficient at our farm. Efficiency is key! And taking care of our bodies, as we demand so much from them on a daily basis. So we're discussing adding a new tractor to the mix along with a few smart implements... mostly to help with our weeding game. Work smarter not harder! I love these brainstorm sessions, they get me very excited about the possibilities and next year. Stay tuned! 

OK, onto the harvest details for CSA Week #17:
Salad Greens
Mustard Greens
Peppers (Sweet and Hot!)
Green Tomatoes

I look forward to seeing you all this afternoon!