CSA Harvest - Week #18

Good morning!

Here we are... it's already October 5th and the last CSA pickup of the 2016 'Summer' CSA. Thank you so much for joining us this season! I hope you have enjoyed having freshly harvested produce in your kitchen for the past several months! We have truly loved seeding, growing and harvesting produce for you all, sharing recipes and seeing your excitement each week.

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) was so COLD. It caught me off guard... I knew it might freeze but was not expecting it to dip into the mid twenties. Brrr. I freaked out a little bit, errr a lot,  in the morning once I realized just how cold it had been and when I peaked under the row cover to think about harvesting greens, they were icy. And even though I know most of the greens can thaw out and be just fine later in the day, I was still anxious and paranoid that they might not be OK to harvest for this week's CSA share. But... after a few hours of worry, sunshine and warmer temps everything thawed out just fine and I was harvesting greens for you all (a bit later than expected) in the Mancos wind. Oh my! It looks like another cold snap is scheduled for Thursday night and I'll be a little more prepared and expecting it :). 

Potato harvest has been the main focus around here for the past couple days and with the help of our friends and this beautiful potato digger that Mike is borrowing from a gentlemen up the road, were able to get quite a few beds out, bagged and in a root cellar. Success! 

The original brassica block has been cleared and the remains have been disced in to feed the soil for garlic planting later this month. It was exciting to harvest the last green 
cabbages of the season as well as the Brussels sprouts! I think these beauties will find their way into the Fall CSA next week. 

We finished clearing the last two greenhouse beds on Monday morning. So the plants are out, I just need to take down the trellis and pull the t-posts so we can prep and seed the last green beds tomorrow. I was hoping to get these seeded before 10/1 but it's been a little busy around here and the days just keep getting shorter.

I think we still have a few busy weeks around here and then things will start to slow down. And when they do... this girl is spending a day inside, probably drinking coffee and making cinnamon buns. Mmm hmmm. 

Ok, onto the harvest details for CSA Week #18:

Salad Greens
Bok Choy or Cabbage
Forono Beets
Hakurei Turnips
Green Tomatoes

I will see you all this afternoon. Enjoy the sunshine and crisp Fall air!